Are You Committing Social Media Suicide?

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I will admit wholeheartedly to being a grammar Nazi. I am not saying I am perfect because by all means I do make mistakes…ALOT! However, I do my best to make sure I check, double check, and sometimes triple check everything before I post it especially if it’s something that I am hoping will bring me and my business more clients. So I cannot begin to tell you how much it hurts me to see social media business ads with misspelled words and bad grammar.

It doesn’t just get my attention because it’s a personal pet peeve with me either. It gets my attention because of the emotional reaction I have as a potential client or customer to that business. You see, misspellings and bad grammar can actually damage your businesses reputation and your financial bottom line.

Case and point! I recently saw the sponsored ad below on Facebook. It’s a business that I know well. I also know the owner. The owner is amazing at what he does and the service his business renders to the public is one that has the potential to change people’s lives…literally. However, when I saw this sponsored ad, meaning he PAID to have it spread around the internet, the first thing I thought was “If I didn’t know how good the product was that this business is offering I would never go to them.”

Incomplete sentence and misspelling of 'by'.

Incomplete sentence and misspelling of ‘by’.

Why? Because my immediate gut reaction to this misspelt, unfinished-sentence ad, after pulling my hair and screaming in horror, was that if someone actually paid money to run this ad on social media and didn’t make sure it was well-written and spell checked, what other things in their business are they not paying attention and giving their best effort to? Are they going to actually give me quality service or products when I go in there or are they going to give me lackluster service or products because they feel that’s ‘good enough’?

It may not seem like a big thing but I assure you it most certainly is. Like the saying goes, “How you do one thing is how you do everything!” So when you put out an ad on social media and there are misspelt words, incorrect grammar, unfinished sentences, and overall poorly written text it sends a very strong message to your clients (past, present, and potential future) and that message is that you really don’t care enough to do the job right.

It’s even WORSE, in my opinion, when that ad is a sponsored ad, meaning that you actually paid for it to go out like that. Because that really tells people that you would rather throw money at something than actually do it properly and that type of attitude, perceived or actual, can really damage you and your business’ reputation. People will assume that the quality of the service or product that you’re selling is not going to be of a high standard. That perception might not actually be true at all, as is the case with the business mentioned in this blog, but without proper context people will make judgments based on the information they have at hand, namely your social media ads.


A few days later, this same business sent out another post to their social media pages (see above). It was meant to introduce their new doctor, invite people to come on ‘bye’, and inject some levity at the same time. The results of this post were that it came across as unprofessional and amateurish due to the poor spelling and sentence structure. Again, this is not what you want to do when posting on social media in an attempt to get new clients. It shines poorly on you and your business and will do more harm than good.

Now there are three simple steps you can take to avoid this potential social media suicide:

  1. Check your spelling! Make use of your computer’s and/or phone’s spell check features. They are there for a reason. In this day and age there is no reason for misspellings at all. There are tons of resources around you ranging from good old fashion paper dictionaries (Yes, they still exist) to asking someone you know who is good at spelling to spell check it in Word to using your cellphone (most have spell check just like computers do). You can also simply look everything up online. The resources are out there for you. You just have to exert a little bit of an effort to find the answers you need.
  2. Check your grammar and sentence structure! Same as with number one, the resources are all around you. Use them!
  3. Have another person read and check your posts BEFORE posting them! Make sure the person checking your ad or social media communication is outstanding at grammar, spelling, and structuring a well-written sentence. If you don’t know anyone that excels in that space then spend a few extra bucks to hire someone to do that for you. Yes, it’s an extra expense but when you think about the purpose of the ad or communication, which is to get more clients or customers, the cost is more than worth it.

As you can see there are so many resources that can prevent you and your business from committing social media suicide. Be proactive and use them! The results of a well-written ad or social media post can be amazing! Put your best foot forward and show the world the kind of quality and care they can expect from you and your business! I think you’ll find the rewards to be well worth the effort!

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Until next time, remember your social media profile can make or break your business or non-profit. Set it up right the first time, exert a little effort to maintaining it, and you’ll reap the rewards well into the future!

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